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What is Ergonomics?
Ergonomics is the science that addresse individuals interactions with tasks, tools and the environment. Ergonomic improvements show results in increased quality, productivity, health, and safety in the workplace.

National Association of Ergonomic Professionals Recommend:
Adjustable Height Tables
> Ergonomic Office Chairs
> Footrests
> Ergonomic Keyboard Trays
> Back Supports
> Lumbar Cushions
> Wrist Rests
> Monitor Arms
> AntiGlare/Radiation Filters
> Adjustable Task Lighting


The Frightening Cost of Ignoring Ergonomics in the Workplace
A new report from the National Research Council and Institute of Medicine discusses scientific evidence showing that musculoskeletal disorders of the lower back and upper extremities can be attributed to particular jobs and working conditions -- including heavy lifting, repetitive and forceful motions, and stressful work environments. Each year, these disorders affect about 1 million workers and cost the nation between $45 billion and $54 billion in compensation expenditures, lost wages, and decreased productivity. But the problem can be reduced with well-designed intervention programs. This study, entitled "Musculoskeletal Disorders and the Workplace: Low Back and Upper Extremities" was initiated by Congress in PL 105-277.

Good posture is a 24 hour a day activity!  Let us help.

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We carry a full line of Ergonomic Products.  Here is a sampling of what we offer. Our prices can't be beat!

Kensington® 4-Position Monitor Arm KMW60091 Supports monitors 15" to 17" Articulating arm accommodates flat panel monitors. Independent height and tilt adjustments position monitor to match your personal  comfort.
Reg 119.95  Sale $99.00
  Ergonomic Chairs Eliminate Back Strain and Fatigue.
Hundreds to Choose From.
In Stock & Free Delivery.
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 Reg $314 Sale $149

Reg $365 Sale $198



Back Rests
Unique design offers comfort and support while promoting good posture. Breathable mesh allows airflow for cool, comfortable use.
Reg $30  Sale $24.95

Radiation/ Static Protection Privacy
Glare Filters with Anti-reflective coatings eliminate 99% of glare to help relieve eye-strain and fatigue. Tinted glass enhances image con-trast for easier viewing. Fits 16 /17” Monitors (other sizes avail) FEL93780 Reg $208 Sale $165


Rolax” Roller Ball Footrest
Plush, padded surface includes cutout for natural wood roller balls to massage feet and reduce leg pressure. Improves circulation, eases backstrain.BLT 61710 Reg $37.00   Sale $29.95

Keyboard Platforms Lift-and-set spring mechanism adjusts height by lifting the keyboard. Tilts +/-15° and swivels 360°. Gel palm rest EGCECI700ref 
Reg $345.00  
Sale $245 (Free Installation on all ergonomic products)
  Alsop Monitor Stand for Flat Panel Monitors Elevates LCD monitors to ergonomic desk height. Holds other small office machinery! ASP27021 Reg $37.98 Sale $29.95 Raises your laptop to an ergonomically correct height Height adjustable from 4" to 6". Ventilation holes in platform.  

Arm & Forearm Pillow Supports Unique soothing, pressure-sensitive foam Stable, nonskid bottom Cushions and protects arm from hard, uncomfortable desk edges.
Reg $12 Sale $9.99



Reg $10 Sale $7.49

Safco Remedease® Single Wrist Wraps SAF 47121Wrist Wraps Keep wrists in neutral position for optimal ergonomic benefit. Breathable, closed cell neoprene compresses and warms muscles while 2 flexible, ribbed stays give firm support. Adjustable elastic wrap hook-and-loop closure fits either hand. SAF47131 Reg $26  Sale $19   3M Document Holder for Flat Panel Monitors Specifically designed for flat panel/LCD type monitors. Clip holds portrait, landscape and legal documents Grooved ledge holds 35 sheets MMMDH445 Reg $34.99  Sale $27.50
Catalina® Lighting Adjustable Desk Lamp UL and CSA Listed Mfg’s one-year warranty 13W full spectrum desk lamp with swing-arm style post.  20" high. Reg $79.99 Sale $65
  Fellowes® Keyboard Wrist Rest Natural rubber nonskid backing provides computing comfort. For use with standard keyboards.
fel9178601 Reg  $16.66 Sale $12Mouse Pad and Gel Wrist Rest by Innovera

Innovera™ Gel Mouse Pad and Wrist Rest Soft gel provides cushioned comfort for computing. Stain and water-resistant surface is easy to clean. Mouse pad provides superior tracking. ivr51430 Reg $18 Sale $14.99


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